"Who are you?" is a song dedicated to all daring artists. From a methodological perspective, it is also an example of how poetry and music can be approached collaboratively to perform, document and expose auto-ethnographic research. (Lyrics by Rufo, Music by Giuliano di Paolo)

Who are you? That dare to keep the eyes wide, and meet the devils of indifference, in the sacred water of the communion?

Who are you? That travel across the time lost in the progress, that unveil the forgotten path of tradition?

Who are you? That dare to think and feel, to analyse and love, strolling in the desert that gave you birth?

Who are you? To exchange the certainties of your time, for the desperation of a journey?

Ulysses of our modern age, you traveler, unable to live with one only truth, in one only world. Unable to surrender the loss of a direction.

You are the one who crossed the Equator twice. You left to find yourself and came back as stranger.

No more hometown you have, now that frontiers have broken, now that impatience has turned into wisdom.

What you have learned is written in the destiny of all of us. The wall humanity has built at the borders of indifference is breaking down. Soon you will be drawing lines of a new alliance.