I am a dance and performance artist, philosopher, educator and researcher engaged in practice-based experimental inquiries and performances (Australia & overseas). As an artist, my mission is to explore and express relational movement improvisation in original, challenging and emotionally fulfilling ways. Philosophically, this translates into a quest to enrich and articulate the paradigm of thinking-through-the-body. My teaching and action research in institutional and community settings aim to bring about a somatic humanitarian pedagogy bridging art and science.

My story is about dualities and how they can be addressed with stubborn courage to be “tamed” - a story about the connection of mind and body, reason and emotion, thinking and dance, words and movement, concepts and perceptions, structure and improvisation, analysis and synthesis.

Who are you? To exchange the certainties of your time, for the desperation of a journey? Ulysses of our modern age, you traveler, unable to live with one only truth, in one only world. Unable to surrender the loss of a direction.


I have a background in theatre training and have been dancing Argentine tango since 2009. I have been teaching dance both independently and for dance studios for several years and have created and directed diverse dance-theatre shows and street installations. My approach to dance and performance has been influenced by a number of intercultural study field trips to Senegal (West Africa) through which I have developed an empirical understanding of the nature of rhythm and the communicative power of the body. As a member of Efectotango dance company (directed by Alejandro Angelica), I performed at 2015 Milan Independent Theatre Festival. In 2016 my original work The Tango Touch was presented at Melbourne Fringe Festival and has participated to La Mama Theatre Explorations Series in collaboration with Australian light designer Rachel Burke and Argentinean musician Elian Sellanes.



In 1999, as part of my Honours thesis, I engaged with the alternative epistemology of constructivism. In July 2004, I started a PhD in Social and Political studies (unfinished) at Melbourne University, In 2008, I returned to Italy where I began an independent process of phenomenological inquiry into the embodied and relational nature and workings of consciousness. This process is still ongoing. My thinking and writing has progressively endeavoured to complement empirical philosophical investigation of the cognitive mechanisms of the mind to include movement and dance as philosophical practices that offer more immediate access into the sensory and perceptual ways of making sense from the inside of what we experience as consciousness. The pedagogical implications of this somatic approach were presented at the 2015 and 2016 Melbourne Public Pedagogies Conference.



I was a tutor in Management, Social and Political Studies, and Italian at Melbourne University and Ormond College between 2004 and 2007. In 2008, I returned to Italy where I worked with hundreds of underprivileged adolescents in middle and secondary public schools and community development settings creating and directing a number of participatory arts-based pilot projects. In 2014 my Musical Theatre Project for Student Retention won a national prize for social responsibility. My dance teaching stretches beyond the studio to embrace communities and engage public culture. As an artist-educator, in 2016 I begun a collaboration with the Melbourne University Master of Entrepreneurship to develop and implement a creativity workshop program for The Entrepreneur Within subject taught by Prof. Rufus Black.



I have conducted extensive postgraduate research in the human sciences at Melbourne University between 2004 and 2007 including a fieldwork on embodied practices in an independent theatre and performance research company (Liminal Theatre and Performance). I am currently enrolled in a practice-led PhD in dance and performance at Deakin University School of Communication and Creative Arts. My body-based research in studio and in specific sites investigates Argentine tango somatically with the aim to produce new phenomenological and artistic insights into the relational aspects of the sensory movement modality of kinesthesia - and the paradigm of thinking-through-the body more broadly. I have learned on the field how to use the new media (audio, video and photography) to enrich, document and communicate my work. I specialise in the use of mind-maps and concept-maps.